When she fell…

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9 months & 2 weeksAiris fell off the bed this morning. And i’m beating myself dead over it!

Woke up at 5am this morning to take a shower. Hubby was still half asleep. Woke him up; ask him to keep an eye on Airis. Walked out of shower and heard a thump and Airis was lying on the floor, crying her heart out. My poor baby!! Felt like half of my life just flew out the window!

Thought of bringing her in to the A & E but after consulting a good friend of mine; she said to just watch if she’s acting up. If she’s not feverish or vomitting then she should be fine. Kept a close watch on her – her pupils are OK, she’s eating and nursing normal, playing fine, laughing, smiling as babbling like always.

She’s sleeping now – her second nap for the day. She seems fine, except for a bump on her forehead.

And i just couldn’t get over it. I’m just more ‘bumped’ than Airis.

Back in action!!

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We are back in town for 5 days at least. But i still got tons of mails and messages to catch up with. I’ll get back soon with pictures and stories!!

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

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Yup,  me and Airis will be leaving early tomorrow morning, at 5am to catch our train at 8.28am 

So, we’ll back soon with stories and pictures!



8 months and A & E

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Took Airis to KK yesterday evening. I’m so worried and frustrated over her constipation issues. Worried – i fear that there could be something wrong about her. Frustrated – i couldn’t do much about it!

Waited over an hour for the ped to see her. Heard of the condition and then advised me to cut back on oat/cereal in her diet for the time being. Maybe her stomach can’t tolerate it yet. He told me instead to give her porridge with carrot. And to BF more. Cut back on solids and BF her more.

Later, the nurse slided a pill in her. Airis was squirming and crying. Nothing could comfort her. Half and hour later, she went and needed 3 diapers change!

Glad that everything is ok now. I just had to monitor her these few days to see that the meds are working and her BM are back on track. It just breaks my heart seeing her crying her heart out everytime she has to go! :(


Nevertheless, happy birthday dearie. You turned 8 months! :)

cuddle & snuggle

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a trip and a (maybe) holiday?

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Going back to hubby’s hometown on 14th Apr. Excited? About the trip, yes. I always love going on trips. Especially now, with Airis around – it’s more fun and exciting PLUS a bigger luggage =) And we’ll also be in KL for a night before continuing our trip back to Ipoh the next day. Now, that’s exciting!

Excited..about the destination? Ermm..not really. It’s my in-laws house. It’s different. A lot of differences. Enough said, heh. I don’t want to hurt feelings. The destination is more about responsibility. Nevermind, it’s only for a week eh? After that, i’ll once again be with dearest husband :)

But this trip, is the first time since Airis is on solid. It’ll be more challenging as I’ve been making her homemade food and now I might have to switch to jarred foods for the trip. So we’ll see how the trip turn out?

She’s all grown up!

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